Contextual Studies


A wider study of icons and iconography should involve a study of key elements that help establish a context for the practical work undertaken on the course. An understanding the role of the icon in the Church, the history of its development and the theology that underpins it, should help to bring a study of iconography into clearer focus.
Students should be encouraged to keep sketchbooks, notebooks, journals and visual diaries of any research that compliments the studio work that they are involved in.
A series of essay titles will be given to students on the Iconostasis Programme; these titles can function as jumping off points for research journals, sketch books, talks delivered to fellow students, or formal written illustrated essays with full bibliographies.
Students on the Iconostasis Programme will also be encouraged to travel to visit important works in situ both in UK and Europe.
So Far students have undertaken guided tours with the tutor to Venice, Florence and Siena and independently members of the current group have also undertaken visits to Ravenna, Sicily, Crete, Athens and the Icon Museum at Recklinghausen in Germany.
The tutor, Peter Murphy currently has group guided visits scheduled for September and October 2018 to the Byzantine sites of Venice Athens, Thessaloniki and the monasteries of Meteora.