"The religious character of art implies merely awareness of the transcendent depth of all that may become an object of art, and awe which this awareness awakens in the human soul. In the choice of the object for its inspiration art possesses a supreme freedom of sinlessness, and knows how to reach out to what is beyond good and evil. Sin and vice, ugliness and perversity, in a sense do not exist for art at all; for all that is touched by the ray of beauty of the Holy Spirit becomes light-bearing and transparent, in the crystal of creativeness. Even the darkness in the soul of the artist himself, his impurity and sinfulness , loses its force when passing through the purifying fire of transcendant beauty, if only beauty has really touched him with its wing". Evgueny Lampert.

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  1. Sue Peach avatar
    Sue Peach Dec 4, 2015

    Dear Peter,
    I don’t suppose you have a suggestion for an icon/image of ‘Isaiah 7:14-16 please?
    Sue Peach

  2. kateryna avatar
    kateryna Feb 19, 2016

    Hello Peter,
    How can I talk to you?


  3. tina negus avatar
    tina negus Mar 25, 2016

    Hello, Peter…I have today added to my flickr stream a photo I took of your crucifixion icon at Tewkesbury Abbey, for Good Friday.
    I hope you are well .

  4. Sister Hazel Adamson avatar
    Sister Hazel Adamson Apr 9, 2016

    Dear Peter
    Thank you for the wonderful course at Hyning.
    I hope you enjoyed your time away.

    Could you possibly send me the link/website to buy the azurite you used for your Sini Jesus icon.  Did you say you had another book recommendation re sacred drawing?
    Did you say you were sending an e-mail about drawing etc.

    Mum is being seen by the Consultant again at the end of April.
    Thank you for all you teach us.